About this larp

None but the Brave is a chamber larp which first ran at the Heroic Consequences larp convention, on 22nd November 2014.

Because the overall declared theme of the convention was heroism, we wanted to design a larp which examined that concept – in particular, the relationship between heroism and bravery. We wanted to put a group of players into a difficult and dangerous situation where they could decide how brave their characters were feeling going in, and then see how heroic they emeregd from their time of trial.

A team of firefighters seemed a natural fit. Colleagues with a range of experiences and backgrounds, who’ve had to learn the hard way who they can rely on and who they can’t.

If you think you might like to run the larp yourself, or you’re interested to see how it worked, please read on!

Traci Whitehead and Mo Holkar

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