These are the 20 character skeletons that we prepared for None but the Brave. Some were drawn from London’s Burning characters, others we invented ourselves. See if you can tell which are which!

You can download them all as a formatted PDF here: Character skeletons.


Senior officer. Parent figure. Older, sensible, pragmatic. Impatient with new-fangled ideas.



New senior officer. Strict disciplinarian. Has a child from an inappropriate affair.



In debt to loan sharks. Estranged from child. Has had an affair with a fellow watch member’s partner.



A humourless stickler for the rules. Was responsible for the death of either a partner or another watch member several years ago.



Has had many failed attempts at promotion. Under the thumb of their partner. Has PTSD from a bad experience on a shout years ago.



From a public school. Practical joker. Speaks several languages.



A perpetual gossip. Sucks up to the seniors. Has been divorced and is remarried.



A highly competent officer from a fire brigade family. Does not like taking responsibility.



Comes across as boring. Lives in an imaginary world that is actually desperately lonely. Complicated and traumatic family life and history.



Fitness freak. Believes that women should not be in the fire brigade –­ for that matter, neither should blacks, gays, or anyone other than white men.



Womaniser. Thinks women should not be in the fire brigade.



From a very rough background. Grew up with people who were/are very distrustful of authority. Keeps the job very private when around home.



Amateur dramatics hobbyist. Hypochondriac and something of a physical coward, but very PC, into organic food and cycling etc.



Universally popular with the rest of the watch. Used to drive one of the engines:­ had a bad crash while on a shout and still has nightmares and flashbacks.



Ardent feminist. Single parent. In the past was once caught shoplifting. Resents being stuck in a low-wage role.



Of foreign birth. Polite, amiable, religious. Has several children and talks about them a lot.



Former police officer. Disgusted by corruption, so changed services. Fond of nature and the outdoors.



Charming but unreliable. Stealer and breaker of hearts, but hard to hate. Has an identical twin who’s an award-winning restaurateur.



Ambitious, dynamic leader-type. Gets impatient with sloppiness and slow thinking. Openly gay.



Unsubtle, says it like (they think) it is. Previously been a boxer, but got out of fighting and into dancing to maintain fitness. Fighting days are well behind them.


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